Sarah Crawford-Bohl

Sarah Crawford-Bohl, BScN, MA

Healthcare Leader & Facilitator

Sarah Crawford-Bohl is an experienced healthcare leader with a career spanning over two decades in diverse clinical, educational, and leadership roles. Leveraging her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Victoria and a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University, she is passionate about courageous innovation, continuous improvement, and driving meaningful change. A dynamic speaker and facilitator, Sarah has enhanced her leadership skills through PROSCI’s Change Management certification and training from respected institutions including the University of British Columbia, GrowthDay, Huron Canada, and Roy Group. Residing on Vancouver Island with her husband, two daughters, and their Whoodle, she finds joy in lifelong learning and exploring the outdoors with her family and friends.

Lean In, Speak Up: Navigating Challenging Conversations

In her inspiring TEDx talk, Sarah Crawford-Bohl, an accomplished healthcare leader, delves into the critical importance of facing difficult conversations. Sarah introduces ‘The Moral Compass’, a framework guiding us past any hesitation, helping us make the courageous step of initiating these dialogues. Drawing from her personal life and extensive professional background, Sarah offers relatable insights into overcoming the fear and discomfort that often precede challenging talks. Her approach offers a fresh perspective and a call to embrace courageous communication, for the transformative impact of personal growth, stronger relationships, and meaningful change.